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  • Founded in April 2005, it is a global chip design company headquartered in China devoted to various memory, controller and peripheral product designs and development. Products include NOR Flash, NAND Flash and MCU (which are widely used in handheld mobile terminals), consumer electronics, personal computers and peripherals, network and telecom equipment, medical equipment, office equipment, automotive electronics and industrial control equipment.

    China's leading provider of indoor mapping data, positioning technology and business intelligence solutions based on indoor location services. Relying on its own powerful data resources and data processing technology, the company is committed to building a network of indoor map data along with positioning and location services to provide efficient and professional platform-level services for global customers.

    It helps Chinese car dealers achieve digitization along with strategic shareholders, Alibaba Group and auto makers, to build an website seamlessly, as well as the combination of deep, three-dimensional automobile into a new retail ecosystem, making the automobile manufacturers, auto dealers, consumers and so on each link can benefit from it. Meanwhile, strategic shareholder ANT Financial Group, from finance, credit, risk control and other aspects to enable big car search, the joint construction of auto new financial platform, the business covers auto financing lease, auto consumer loans, auto supply chain financing and auto insurance products and services.

    The company is committed to the R&D and industrialization of wireless multimedia chips for mobile intelligent terminals, and strives to build Zhuosheng into a company with low-power wireless chip technology, integrating low-power WiFi, bluetooth, BLE and GPS technology.

    The largest OTT/ intelligent TV terminal system developer and service provider in China. Based on the unique H5 acceleration engine and UI rendering framework of rapid investment, smart TV /OTT application, system, desktop, business customization development and joint operation can be conducted. Besides the user-oriented products "fast-delivery video" and "TV light application", it also serves the terminal manufacturers, channel providers, industry customers and developers in the field of smart TV and OTT set-top box.

    Bangbangxing is a one-stop online travel service platform owned by Lanhai (Fujian) Information Technology Co., LTD. It easily provides daily services for urban travel, online ride-hailing and small pieces of express delivery . The platform will assign nearby vehicles to provide door-to-door pickup services for users to go directly to their destinations safely.

    Industry-leading wireless smart sensors, sensing of cloud services and solutions provider, focused on providing infrastructure for wireless smart sensor systems and cloud data services, help customers to rapidly deploy, manage and operate their own IoT application systems and services. Current source, Yuanqinghuihong, wireless intelligent sensor technology from wireless networking, intelligent analysis to application platform has formed a complete system of independent intellectual property rights, developed a series of the structure of the monitoring and detection sensors with high-precision, intelligent and low-power consumption, long-life, ,including wireless smart cable force sensor, vibration sensor, strain sensors and other products, The overall technical level is internationally advanced.

    Raiing Medical Company, founded in 2008, focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of wearable Medical devices, systems and health data services based on mobile Internet sensors, intelligent algorithms and big data analysis. Products/services include: fever director, pregnancy law , and medical care.

    The company is engaged in the development of infrared thermal imaging technology, products and applications, and owns all independent intellectual property rights, including core detector chip and thermal imaging system software and hardware, and has won the government support and honor of the national project of 1000 talents, Shanghai excellent technology leader, high-tech enterprise and so on. By detecting the thermal radiation of objects, the thermal imager can image the temperature distribution, which is widely used in railway, electric power, industrial automation, night vision and other fields.

    In 2014, EHolly was the first domestic high-tech enterprise to launch automatic detection equipment for lithium batteries with an automatic splicing function. With nearly 10 years of experience in machine vision applications in related industries, the company's core technical team has successfully developed the all-automatic CCD high-speed pole detector, the full-automatic CCD high-speed split-pasting all-in-one machine, and the full-automatic CCD high-speed cold-pressure split-cutting all-in-one machine and other optical and electromechanical core equipment.


    TacSense is a high-tech company specializing in flexible pressure sensor modules and solutions. It is jointly established with the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is headquartered in Shenzhen and has a research and development center in California. The company focuses on emerging areas such as medical devices, wearable health and the Internet of Things, and first proposed the fourth type of pressure sensing mechanism in the world - off-electronic interface sensing technology to provide the world's most sensitive and flexible biomimetic human touch. System and human-computer interaction interface.

    AnyLink (Jiangsu Ziqing Information Technology Co., Ltd.) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the Internet of Things, focusing on the development and application of core technologies for inter-device connectivity. Relying on independent software and hardware platform technology, it will create a smart IoT gateway and AnyLink Cloud, an Internet of Things big data platform that serves the whole society. It has been widely used in high-speed rail, HVAC, equipment manufacturing, smart water, smart factories, intelligent buildings and other fields to help industrial equipment, data centers, automated production lines, automobile manufacturers and integrators fast, low risk, low Cost-effective networking and monitoring of operation and maintenance.

    Grenergy is an IC design company. Its core product line is the power management chips, widely used in consumer electronics. The company's next generation product is based on the leading GaN technology. Grenergy's competitive advantage is built upon its research and development and has filed more than 60 patents worldwide.

    Robotphoenix is a comprehensive high-tech automation enterprise specialized in industrial robot R&D and manufacturing, control system and visual system development, OEM support and automation system integration.

    AzurEngine Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017. We have developed a Reconfigurable Parallel Processor (RPP) architecture, which combines programmability and power efficiency together to bring powerful, efficient processors for parallel computing. We are focusing on the design and development of GP-GPU. RPP as an innovative chip architecture will be widely applied in the field of Parallel Computing which has numerous important applications such as video surveillance, industrial vision, autonomous vehicles, and so

    Info Convergence Technology (I-CON) focus on Information & Automation Products and Solutions. We proudly provide products with highest quality, innovative technology and provide customers with world-class solutions.

    ZSFAB provides orthopedic healthcare products and services. The company has developed proprietary digital materials at the micrometer scale with the advanced 3-D printing technology. Its products make the personalized musculoskeletal implants possible.

    LINX develops the 3D-vision cameras and robotics control systems. The company is the leader in the warehouse and logistics robotics sector in China. It also serves many automobile and industrial robotics customers.

    Douch Power develops intelligent wireless charging systems, focusing on high power ranging from 100 W to 20KW. Its product serves various smart-applications such as robotics, autonomous vehicles in transportation, supply chain, and manufacturing sectors.


    Crechip Microelectronics provides high quality chip-level solutions for power contoroller and power devicesc. Crechip has three core product lines: wireless charging, power over eithernet(POE), and digital power/smart drivers.


    Speacialized in the field of spraying, the company develops and markets the 6DOF industrial robots. With many years of experiences in spraying robots, the team developed the first-in-the-country wide-span smart spraying robot, committed to provide the solution to large spraying workpieces.


    The company provides Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) etching equipment to semiconductor foundries. The targeted market includes III-V compound semiconductor components and MEMS chips.

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    China's leading intelligent laser display core products and solutions provider with independent research and development capacity mainly provides intelligent laser display core products and solutions for engineering, education, commercial and household market customers, including R&D, production, sales and related technical services of related hardware and software.

    Founded by Dr. Zou Xiangping, an expert from the national One Thousand Talent program, the company is positioned as a professional enterprise to develop functional polymer materials and their applications. At present, it provides their customers with a LED lighting series of passive materials, weather resistant materials for floating platform of photovoltaic power station on the water surface, weather resistant materials for construction industry, high-temperature polyester materials and other special function polymer materials.

    With the help of offline terminals and online apps, as well as cutting-edge Internet technologies, Quna provides customers with marketing, big data and consignment services. Interactive marketing services include mobile advertising, product experience, innovative intelligent interaction, market research, data analysis, etc. The company makes use of the new Internet technology for the innovation of interactive marketing, which covers innovative interactions including face recognition, voice recognition, motion perception, AR image recognition, AR treasure hunt, etc., thus enriching the interactive mode of brand and user group while greatly impproving the interactive experience of consumers. As a new generation of IoT experience marketing platform, Quzhi is already a veteran in the "new retail" department. Its new retail business "real interest" provides more than 200 brands with professional services such as product testing, new channel development and consumer attitude analysis.

    In 2015, it successfully launched the first mobile phone software app – Love Slice Job – a part-time employment app dedicated to helping individuals increase their income through the sharing economy. By seamlessly combining everyone's time, physical strength, skills, experience and knowledge with the demand market, users can generate income.


    Guangzhou Zhaoshicai Network Technology Co., LTD., a subsidiary of the Stone Industry Chain E-Commerce Co., LTD., integrates transaction, logistics and finance, and USES Internet technology to improve the efficiency of stone trade and to reduce circulation costs. In order to make the stone trade simple, the company has been changing the traditional circulation mode of stone and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the stone industry.

    An online distributor for home improvement supplies, ZSFucai uses technologies to improve this vast yet inefficient industry. On the suppliers side, ZSFucai consolidates the capacities of smaller producers to reach optimal price; on the demand side, it provides a one-stop supply-chain and sales service to home improvement contractors. ZSFucai utilizes the technologies such as IoT, Internet, and AI to streamline the procurements, logistics, and sales processes to enable customers’ success.

    Based on a low-code and low-cost platform, our product targets micro and small manufactures. It allows them to build integrated SaaS software, which covers supply china, production, process, quality control, equipment, and accounting.

    APEX Technologies is a customer data technology and Artificial Intelligence company. It combines cutting-edge big data and AI technology to tackle problems in areas of marketing, personalization, and customer analytics. It helps enterprises grow revenue and profit by increasing marketing efficiency, maximizing customer life-time value, and improving customer experience. It has served over 300+ mid to large global and China enterprises in sectors of retail, automotive, finance, travel and education.

    Custouch is a SaaS-based digital marketing service provider. It provides services to customers in various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and chemcial engineering. Custouch is dedicated to become B2B marketing professional's partner.

    MetaSOTA offers the productivity software to legal professionals. Its AI powered product uses the patented NLP algorithm, thus makes multi-language legal translation, contract lifecycle management, legal search, and optical character recognition highly efficient and intelligent.

    Dolink provides information and digitalized services to chain restaurants. Its key products use the AI technologies to integrate all aspects of restaurant business, including finance, membership, and 3rd party food delivery platforms, as well as to provide the analytics and business insights.

    ConvectAI helps retailers and manufacturers make the intelligent supply-chain decisions. Based on the big data and the artificial intelligence technologies, our product allows customers to optimize the human efficiency, decrease the operation cost, and increase the revenue. The company services our customers from offices in the Silicon Valley in California, and in Shanghai, China.

    Wudun is an IoT cloud-native network security company. Building on the concept of “zero-trust”, its product and solution protect the edge computing environment and solve the IoT network’s “last-mile” security problems. 

    Beacon Technology is an innovative tech start-up focusing on the power grid and railway inspection maintenance. Based on the inductive power supply, IoT and AI technologies, our products provide unmanned, continuous and intelligent inspection maintenance in high risk and high value scenarios. We help our customers to run a safer power grid and lower the operation cost.

    The company provides the digital factory solution to manufacturers based on its proprietary AIoT platform. Our solution covers the full cycle of the manufacturing process, from real-time data collection, storage, and visualization, to production and maintenance procedures. Our technology helps our customers optimize the
    production flow in order to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost.

    Changen Health

    Changen Health is a smart medical service company. It provides “ultrasound + IVD” speed-testing service to the primary healthcare institutions. The company focuses on the “hardware + software + service” solutions, in order to create a comprehensive medical, pharmacy, testing, and information enabling platform.

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    It is a global initiative to achieve cross-platform file transfer applications, and can help smartphone users achieve high-speed mass data transmission. Supported by Android, Apple (iOS), WP, PC and other intelligent terminals connectivity. Users can share apps, photos, video, music, and other files in any format with anyone. Currently, the number of its global users has exceeded 300 million, covering 178 countries and regions at home and abroad.

    Established in 2012, it is a professional online game company with independent R&D and independent operation ability, focusing on mobile platform games for the female market. The company has extensive R&D and release experience in the dance-game field of music. In 2013, the company released the public test of the first Android and Apple dual-platform music-dance mobile game "Dancing OL", which was recommended by various application markets and praised by a large number of users.

    Established in October 2011, it provides services to two types of customers relying on advanced Internet technology and innovative financial tools: it provides one-stop value-added management solutions for rental housing owners; for urban renters, it provides high-quality and long-term apartment rental products, after-lease services, and value-added services derived from the housing.

    The company currently operates in Chengdu, Wuhan, Beijing and Hangzhou, and manages nearly 40,000 properties in total.

    Provides services for 15,000+ owners and 90,000+ quality tenants.

    Zno is an innovative startup focusing on professional photography industry worldwide. Zno leverages world-class manufacturing capacity based in Shanghai, through its zno.com online platform, offering professional-grade albums, books, frames, and other custom-made products to 35 countries. Zno positions itself as a one stop solution provider for professional photographers, also offers SaaS software to help photographers in areas like album design, image processing, workflow management, etc.

    The mobile Internet company, jointly founded by Yan Qiang, a well-known media personality, and Sun Jinxian, an investor, operates an IV soccer app, football talk show and new media matrix such as WeChat public account and Weibo. IV soccer app service contents includes information, live broadcast and community.


    China's first chain enterprise focusing on automobile maintenance services, its pioneering the "fast auto-maintenance chain" new business model, with industrialized services as the core concept, providing hundreds of thousands of car owners with high-quality, non-differentiated and cost-effective professional car maintenance services.


    Big bag

    Big Bag packages the food nearing its expiration date to the blind boxes, and helps the retailer to sell them. In so doing, the company allows the consumers to enjoy high quality foods with lower prices, at the same time helps the retailers to increase sales and build the ESG branding. It's a fun way to cut the waste and reduce the carbon footprint.

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